A duet written by Sylvester Chidi Ugochukwu and Anyiam Rita






When I walk down the aisle with you,

I’m gonna say I do.

When I walk down the aisle with you,

It’d be for better and for worse.

My joy will know no bound,

You’ve chosen to travel this road with me,

Against all odds.



When I saw you, my heart said its you.

Like two jocund birds on a tree,

We clasped each other’s feathers in freedom.

When I walk down the aisle with you,

I will roll in tears because it is a dream come true.

I choose you for richer and for poorer.



Like the red wine, our love will never lose its sweetness.

You’ve found a man with whom you can fall head over hills in love.

In threescore, when we’re old and worn,

You’d still be my gold and own.

Like Humpty Dumpty, we have fallen in love, not to rise again.



This love knows no boundary,

I will love you for every twenty four and seven.

Even in the after life, you will be my flesh and bone.

The moon and the stars will bear witness, you have found your woman, your better halve.

I promise to make our world colorful,

We stay in love, never to part.



Down the aisle, we will cheer and make toast to a happy married life,

Because, down the aisle, is the beginning of our profuse laughter and unending joy.



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