A graduate of AAU Ekpoma department of microbiology treating to kill his/self

A graduate of AAU Ekpoma department of microbiology threatens to commit suicide, see reasons below…

I’m a 2017/2018 graduate of AAU, Ekpoma, department of microbiology, due to a said wild jubilation by my set on the day of our graduation last year, claimed by the school management and the VC, they decided to give the whole graduated students a one year suspension of result, which they felt wasn’t enough… after all the pleadings both by the students and other dignitaries on behalf of the students, the school management has chosen to react with a deaf ear and has now decided we are all coming back this year’s second semester to re-write the last paper we wrote last year, in so doing we all are to pay school fees AGAIN…. not just d fees o.. we will pay all the dues. line up in different banks etc. A wild jubilation that not 98% of us was involved in, A wild jubilation that no school property was damaged. I’m writing this SUICIDE note with depression and frustration, cos I’m an orphan and I struggled all through the four years to afford the fees.. my aunts and uncles put me through shits for good four years.. I’d rather take my life than meet them again.. i swear it and this would be the last time y’all hear from me IF the school management does not set us free by giving us our results BEFORE THE 2ND WEEK OF JUNE, my DEATH will be on the school management and most especially the VC’s head.
these write ups was found in a forum labeled unknown

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